Research Framework

We revive ailing schools by addressing the six major elements that shape the teaching and learning – and as a result, the student outcomes – in a school. Research points to the importance of each of these elements in creating an environment where students succeed.
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Leadership that Drives Change

Strong leadership that set and maintain direction is at the heart of successful school turnaround (Aladjem et al., 2010; Bryk et al., 2020; Herman et al., 2008).

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The quality of teaching is the single-most important school-based factor in improving student achievement (Nye, 2004).

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Coherent Instructional Guidance

Successful turnaround schools consistently focus on using data to improve instruction and involving teachers in aligning the curriculum to state standards (Herman et. al., 2008).

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Student Centered Climate

A growing body of research identifies the relationship between  the learning environment and the students’ connection to the school.  (Blum, et al., 2002; Osterman, 2000; McNeely, et al, 2002; Whitlock, 2006).

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Family and Community Engagement

Effective family engagement is a cornerstone of a positive school environment (Christenson & Sheridan, 2001; Henderson & Berla, 1994).

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Comprehensive Diagnostics

The quality and level of implementation of the improvement plans is critical to successful school improvement (Herman et al., 2008).

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