We’ve walked in your shoes and know what it takes to make change stick

We’ve walked in your shoes and know what it takes to make change stick.

AIR is proud to be an IL EMPOWER Professional Learning Partner

What We Do

Our services are based on a research-based framework that is continually refined by practice. None of our services are a one-size-fits-all program. We identify the needs specific to your district and school and guide you through modifying existing programming or starting fresh.

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Watch as five Illinois superintendents share how working with The Illinois Center for School Improvement (Illinois CSI) at American Institutes led to positive changes for their district, schools and classrooms.

Our Clients

Morton East High School, Cicero, Illinois AIR has served as an Illinois School Improvement Grant lead partner for Morton East High School. Through leadership coaching, instructional coaching, and program monitoring, AIR school leadership experts has assisted this school of more than 3,500 students in realizing a 4% increase in graduation rates in the first two years of the grant.

Romulus Middle School, Michigan “AIR is helping us refine our activities,” said Jason Salhaney, principal of Romulus Middle School. “Our school team had the plan and the vision. We know what we wanted things to look like. AIR came in to help us prioritize and implement the pieces and target the areas of support.”

East Middle School, Hazelwood, Missouri After the school’s first year working with AIR, the growth in students’ reading scores has outpaced the performance of all of the middle schools in the district. Student mathematics scores rose from the lowest of the district’s six middle schools to the best, with students scoring an average of 76 percent.