Dawn Dolby

Dawn Dolby Senior School Turnaround Consultant

I approach this work as a critical friend. I’m not afraid to say what teachers and administrators need to hear and I know how to say it so we can forge ahead together and create change.

Dawn began her career as a middle school teacher and has over two decades of experience working to improve curriculum and teaching in schools and districts in more than 25 states. Dawn led the mathematics team for AIR’s work creating customized improvement plans based on our comprehensive audit of the written, taught, and tested English Language Arts and mathematics curricula in 34 districts in corrective action across New York State. She is currently leading AIR’s school turnaround work in Romulus Middle School, Romulus, Michigan. Dawn also provides direction and oversight to the organization’s school turnaround efforts across the US. She has worked with states and districts to design and implement school improvement initiatives and has designed professional development plans focused on curriculum, examining student work, and technology integration.  Dawn earned her master’s degree in instruction and curriculum from the University of Colorado–Boulder.

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