Our Team

Traci S. Maday-Karageorge

Traci is an experienced analyst, skilled at leading teams through understanding qualitative and quantitative data and building consensus for improvement initiatives.

Catherine Barbour

As a principal, Catherine led three successful school turnarounds in an urban, rural, and suburban school district.

Christine Rauscher, Ph.D.

Chris focuses on developing programs to meet students’ literacy needs and designing professional development to improve classroom instruction.

Aaron Butler, Ph.D.

Aaron has increased student performance and implemented a School Improvement Grant as a vice principal of curriculum and instruction at a charter high school.

Rob V. Mayo, Ph.D.

Rob is experienced in designing the systems that increase the site-level accountability of school leaders and improve the delivery of support services.

Carla Hulce

Carla contributes her expertise designing specialized learning environments to improve the academic achievement of gifted students and students with learning disabilities.

Teresa A. Lance

Teresa brings her 15 plus years of experience as an educator and leader in urban school districts.

Dawn Dolby

Dawn has over two decades of experience working to improve curriculum and teaching in schools and districts in more than 25 states.

Learn About Our Staff

Catherine Barbour

I am passionate about making the lives of students better. I’ve always gone into low-performing schools as a principal and I’ve seen what’s possible. Read More »